Luxury yacht charter Ibiza

Like the best racing cars, the super yachts are nowadays a remarkable product from an engineering point of view. Apart from all the complexity that its motors enclose, life on board is cosy, quiet and unique.

A yacht can transfer you to new horizons every day, and, above all, provide access to privileged places only a few can reach, all of it with the maximum comfort. The most important thing is that your yacht allows you to feel free, explore new worlds and share unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Because each person is unique, our yachts adapt to our clients´ likes. Our fleet includes a wide range of luxury yachts so that you can find the one that suits your wishes and lifestyle.

We listen to your travel expectations and offer a piece of advice on the perfect yacht for you as well as the most suitable crew if needed. We work with experts that know by heart the functioning of our yachts and how to handle them. They also know the places where navigation is legal as well as how far can a yacht travel in a one-day trip. Also, they know how to manage climate and wind conditions as well as places that are worth to visit.

We want to make sure that you live an unforgettable experience and that your journeys are easily managed and pleasant from beginning to end. A lot of our yachts are already designed for families, so we are very aware of children´s needs, from babies to teenagers. Our crews are specialized in security measures for family trips.

If you are thinking of buying a super yacht, a test driving can be very valuable. It will allow you to compare styles and discover different features that can adjust to your needs.

Our new luxury yachts are perfect for high sea parties, away from the island’s bustle and only with the people you feel like socializing with. The exclusivity of a party in a luxury yacht is an incomparable dream.

We also offer a luxury sailing boat service, with its own crew. Incredible embarkations that will turn your most romantic side on, with beautiful indoors and all the charm that sail boating brings. They are upper-class sailing boats, with all the new features, but keeping a classic aesthetic. Renting can be done from one day to several days depending on availability.

Crew can include captain, cabin boys, cooks or waiters depending on the boat’s characteristics and your needs.