Your perfect wedding day in Ibiza

By 29 January, 2016Curiosities
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A beach,  a sunset,  your loved ones and your partner.  This is all you need for your wedding in Ibiza.  If you are tired of  typical and conventional weddings and you don’t know about the last wedding trends, I recommend you to read this article, where we show you how you can get married in a magical atmosphere you will never forget. Here, a few wedding ideas to make your fairy tale come to life.

If you would like to plan your wedding by yourself you can do it, however you need a lot of time. But if you are this kind of person who hates planning your wedding or any event, you can trust someone and hire a wedding planner to take care of all those details, which get you stressed or will make you rush.

This alternative option will allow you to choose where to perform the ceremony enjoying the beach  and watching a beautiful sunset while you say yes to the person you love. Your perfect wedding day in paradise. What else can you wish for?

Ibiza has at your disposal numberless luxury services that you can enjoy to make this day totally fantastic and unforgettable. There are also many great restaurants where a catering can be hired  and it can be a really sensory experience. The spanish gastronomy is fabulous and tasty and Ibiza is very famous for its seafood. You can also taste a traditional spanish paella made with fish, chicken or even rabbit.

In addition, a wedding ceremony in front of the sea in this beautiful island is seen as something very new and glamourous. Also, something very typical of Ibiza’s weddings is the dress code. Everybody dresses completely in white.  

But we suggest that if you are not sure about the idea of celebrating your ceremony on the beach with all the sand, you can always rent one of the luxurious villas that we offer.  You will be able to enjoy all the amenities for your wedding ceremony and get a personalized and exclusive service for this.

If you plan to get married, and the location is not a problem, think about it. We guarantee you will not regret and never forget it.

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