Luxury for Vips: Ibiza in the spotlight

By 17 November, 2015Night Life

Luxury tourism is booming: it is the market segment with a higher growth worldwide. And the paradigm of this in Spain is Ibiza.

Ibiza has become one of the luxury destinations at an international level, it has known how to attract the new rich people, who are millennials, cosmopolitans and eager to have fun. A target that it is redefining luxury tourism the way we have known it until now.

This target is looking for a unique experience above any formalism. And when it comes to experience, Ibiza has revolutionized the market better than any other.

This big change the luxury tourist has experienced in Ibiza started in 2011, with the opening of the restaurant/cabaret “El Lío” and the hotel/discoteque “Ushuaïa”. Since then the island has tiptoed the crisis and has become on the worldwide known destinies. It is the place where everybody wants to be.

After these two mythical names, it has followed a revolution in the touristic industry that has viewed luxury as a market where being spotted. Since then, entrepreneurs have started to invest in their establishments´ renovation, in the opening of beach clubs and leisure locals, generating an avant-garde offer, which has allowed attracting another kind of client to the island, the wealthier one.

But Ibiza is not just partying. The new luxury tourist is looking for complete, unique and exclusive experiences. In 2014 the Melia Group opened the “ME Ibiza”, with a more than eighteen-million investment in the reform of an ancient hotel to transform it into a luxury five-star establishment, privet jet included. In 2014 too the opening of “Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza” took place, a new concept of five-star hotel with music being the epicentre of everything.

Together with the hotel renovation, new concepts of tourist offer have emerged. The luxury gastronomy set foot to stay permanently too. In 2014 Paco Roncero, chef awarded with two Michelin stars, opened “Sublimotion”, the most expensive restaurant in the world, where diners enjoy an exclusive gastroshow in the world for the not despicable price of 1.650 euros per person.

And in 2015 “HEART Ibiza” has opened, the new proposal of the famous brothers Albert and Ferrán Adrià, together with Cirque du Soleil, that offers menus for the price of 150 euros per person for 160 diners each night, and where booking must be made months in advance.

Still, this whole new model of touristic offer does not sell by itself. Ibiza is the destiny that invests the most in Social Media for tourism. Just have a look at the Klout index: the most popular Ibiza hotels are at this ranking´s top. This is because is not enough creating a good product, it is necessary communicating it too.

Ibiza keeps having luxury fun and communicating it all over.

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