The most expensive watches in the world

By 24 February, 2016Fashion
los relojes más lujosos del mundo

It is difficult to classify what watches are the most luxurious in the world because there is a wide variety of models that contain the most advanced technology and latest materials in their designs. But we know which brands currently have the most luxurious watches in the world.

A few years ago, in 2007, the luxury watches of the Swiss brand called IWC were elected as the best watches in the world by the Luxury Brand Status Index surveys of US. This luxury firm competed with such prestigious brands as Rolex, Breguet,Cartier, Patek Phillippe and Vacheron Constantin, all of them, with an assortment of luxury watches available.

The IWC brand has the great feature of having “The Punch of Geneva”, an award given to those select brands that have all quality standards and that are still making their clocks with the technique of Geneva. More specifically, we find that Patek Phillippe is one of these luxury brands who make their watches under these requirements completely fulfilled.  

What’s new in the most luxurious watches in the world

Currently, there is a renewal in the design of watches, creating authentic jewelry. Nowadays, Adding small diamonds into the watches is very fashion. We can see this in some models of watches of the brand Piaget, like the model Blancpain Tourbillon Diamants or the Polo Tourbillon Relatif. Both have more than 260 precious gems inside. Even the latter of Piaget, has an option to create a fingerprint with diamonds in the same watch.

We must also talk about one of the most luxury watches in the world which has caused a furor. This is the One Million Dollar Big Bang, or more commonly called “Iceberg of Diamonds”, which is characterized by being made of a material that can not know if it is yellow, red, or white gold.

Common features of the most luxurious watches in the world

More specifically, what makes a clock one of the most luxurious watches in the world is innovation and quality of its features and finishes, as well as having a few good quality materials in their manufacture and precision of its mechanisms.


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