The most expensive champagne is in Ibiza

By 3 February, 2016Curiosities
el champagne más caro del mundo se encuentra en Ibiza

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of luxury would be “something that gives you a lot of pleasure”. And of course the local people from Ibiza know how to do it. For example, drinking the best and prestigious champagnes. In the island you can find the most expensive bottle of champagne in the world. And that means a lot of pleasure!

This bottle is owned by Italian chef Walter Martino and designed by himself. Walter has been showing the bottle during a week, exposing it in 3 of the restaurants where more billionaires use to go in all the whole island. Restaurants as “Cipriani”, “Dos lunas” and Cavalli Club Ibiza owned by the prestigious designer Roberto Cavalli had the honour to host this Italian brand bottle. “L’oro di Bacco”, decorated with 24-carat gold inside and some diamonds. The cost of the bottle can be up to 1.7 million euros.

Definitely, this is the most expensive bottle in the entire world. The Taste of Diamonds, valued at 1.2 million euros and that was characterized by containing powder of diamond. ¡What an extravagance!

Even though Walter Martino refuses to sell this jewel of champagne,  Massimo Lucarioni – director and owner of the restaurant that hosted the bottle, the Two Moons-  said that the champagne has already a Russian buyer interested in it. But for the moment, the bottle is most likely to remain closed  and not for sale.

Before the arrival of the bottle to the island,  it came from Ibiza to Las Vegas, passing through São Paulo and Dubai, where finally decided to return it to its place of origin, the island of Ibiza.

As we can see, Ibiza, also known as The White Isle, is the best and favourite place for luxury. So, ¿why not give us an indulgence there?


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