The hippy soul of Ibiza

By 17 February, 2016Nature
la ibiza hippie

Ibiza has always been the cradle of the hippy culture.  This mystic island has been well known as a hippie destination since the 1960s due to the incursion of visitors of the movement in 1930. Ibiza is very popular as a privileged place for meditation.

History of the Ibiza hippie

The island is characterized by being the forerunner of the hippy movement and proclaimed itself a pioneer as well as other European cities, such as San Francisco (USA) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) during the 1960s, which later, in the seventies was gradually diluting.

Despite the extinction of the hippie culture as a generational movement, Ibiza has been keeping that essence that makes it so magical and so characteristic. Many visitors are still flocking to places such as Es Vedrá to meditate or connect with nature. It has always been believed that a mysterious force surrounds the area, making it a favourite place for meditation and other spiritual practices.

In ancient times, Ibiza was already considered as a special place, this is the reason why many important personalities decided to go to die there or they wanted to be buried at the island. Well, it was believed that there was a shrine of spirituality that gave them a real peace to rest. In addition to this, the population of Ibiza were always believers of mythological subjects and legends, and their traditions and stories were very rooted .

The Ibiza hippy, a mystical Ibiza

If one goes back in time, Ibiza is known as an island where had taken place a lot of Marian Apparitions over the past years. Because of that, the island is called “the mystical Ibiza”. In addition to these stories, it has had a great number of sacred and meditation areas that we can find among its steep coasts. Some people say there is a large magnetic flow that attracts a different cosmic energies.

The Ibiza hippy today

Nowadays, Ibiza is hosting much of its ancient essence and history. The hippie Ibiza today is characterized by keeping diverse markets of handmade products and other interesting things so popular at the time. This hippie markets have a special touch which attracts many visitors during the summer, even during the spring and the autumn.

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