San Jose village worth a visit

By 30 November, 2015Places

Why do I love San Jose? Because it is charming. Charming in the Ibiza style, without stridencies. And it has its charm because it keeps its own rules, getting people adapted to it and not the other way around.


Behind the church that dominates San Jose, hidden in a little corner, restaurant “Can Manyanet” can be found, where typical Ibiza courses are served, such as “sofrit pagès”, which can be tasted while watching the variety of flowers displayed in its beautiful garden.
Crossing the main road, “El Destino” offers a variety of tapas with a more sophisticated touch, fusion of Spanish meat and vegetables with species and flavors of the Pacific basin cultures. However, it knows how to hold a local environment.
“Fashion Cafe” deserves a special mention, and its morning juices reading the press and watching the life around.


San Jose has entertainment too. Just sit down in a night summer at the “Racó Verd” garden, and listen to Jazz and Blues. Have a couple of drinks and just look at the hills that surround the village. During the winter, the bar is moved to the gift shop and in the garden braziers are placed to warm up the attending to the music night performances that take place during the fresh winter nights.

Shopping in San Jose.

Is shopping your thing? No worries. In San Jose can buy anything, from a towel to a traditional basket up to a design toilet, from ceramics and village antique tools up to toys for kids.

Watch the boys and girls of the local handcraft school pitting the stone to build walls the same way it was done in former days – with 8 concrete blocks and an old Renault 4 tire. Sitting on a bench by a palm tree and a haven of peace before your eyes.

If modern life overflows us with its frantic rhythm, here in San Jose the philosophy is each thing at the right time. Visit it, or just better, spend your holidays there. Some things just can’t be told, have to be lived.

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