Best restaurants in Dalt Vila, the old town of Ibiza

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restaurants Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila, the magnificent walled city of Ibiza is flanked by the ancient medieval walls dated back to the 16th century and which was declared World Heritage Site in 1999 by Unesco.

This Fort was built to protect the city from the Berber pirates who had the support of the Ottoman Empire, and took about forty years to finish its entire construction. There is a bulwark against attack at each of the six corners of the wall. Currently, the bastions of the fortress are impressive viewpoints through which visitors can see the city, the sea and the mountains.

The main entrance to the city of Dalt Vila deserves a mention, where two Roman statues welcome you when going uphill and crossing the drawbridge, known as Portal de Ses Taules. Crossing this threshold and exploring the town’s narrow cobblestone streets it’s a magical experience that will make you feel as if you’re time travelling, with its churches, large stone walls, wooden porches, stairs and drawbridges. But as you explore the alleys also you can make a stop at its shops, its magnificent bars with the characteristic of the island charm and a wide range of Mediterranean cuisine restaurants where you can enjoy the best gastronomy.

Best restaurants in Dalt Vila

Kyupiddo is a restaurant located in the luxurious and exclusive hotel La Torre del Canonigo. From here you can enjoy the best views of Ibiza, which is placed in the highest part of Dalt Vila. Its most popular dish is the seaweed Tempura Octopus with garlic sauce and the favorite dessert is the sparkling marine chocolates. Don’t miss them! It is also a great place for weddings or private parties. Nobody can remain indifferent to its impressive surroundings and views.

restaurants near Dalt Vila

The Kyuppido’s terrace restaurant.

El Olivo is an emblematic restaurant with great atmosphere which is located in one of Ibiza’s most charming places, Plaza de Vila, a precious square just behind the walls of the old town. For this reason, I would recommended booking a table in advance to avoid queues. Its Mediterranean signature cuisine is a combination of quality and good taste. The beef tataki with mango and basil sauce, or the tuna tartare are worth trying. The rice dishes are also worth tasting. Desserts are spectacular, and they also offer a wide selection of wines.

Restaurant El Olivo

Blood orange sorbet, brownie and mint sauce. Restaurant El Olivo.

The Mirador Dalt Vila is a restaurant placed inside another Ibiza’s mythical hotel which is a Colonial House of 1905. This hotel has stunning views of the Port of Ibiza and the rest of the city. It is an ideal place to have lunch, also a good breakfast, or even if you like to have a drink at the cocktail bar. Their breakfasts are a usual meeting point for the people of the island and for tourists, since you can enjoy it in a gorgeous outdoor patio delimited by walls.

Hotel El Mirador Dalt Vila

Creative cusine in the Restaurant El Mirador Dalt Vila.

Finally, its cuisine is a real showcase of Ibiza’s cuisine. Dishes of fish and seafood are highly recommended as they are always freshly made and prepared with local products. Best of all is its wine bar, a room where you can choose between a wide variety of wines and champagnes from across Spain.

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