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yoga en ibiza

Yoga is a discipline that consists on the balance of body, mind and soul. It has its origin in India, since meditation is a common practice in Hinduism. Yoga is based on five principles: relaxation (savasana), breathing (pranayama), exercises (asanas), positive thoughts (dhyana) and meditation.

Although techniques have evolved creating new practises that merge yoga with other disciplines as pilates, the philosophy and the original essence has been maintained.

If you combine the concepts “yoga” and “Ibiza”, as a result you get an incredible relaxing experience in one of the best known islands  for its chill out lifestyle. There is nothing more energizing than having a yoga session in summer weather, just in front of the sea, while your thoughts go away listening to the waves stunning sound.

These are some of the Yoga centers of the island of Ibiza:

Holistic Borboleta Aeroyoga

Holistic Borboleta Aeroyoga is specialized in AeroYoga, a practice based on levitation and working on body awareness. There are three different levels available depending on your goal and experience. The level 0 is more therapeutic, the level 1 is more technical and the last one is more complete and requires experience.

yoga in ibiza

Yoga en Ibiza

Yoga en Ibiza offers yoga classes in front of the sea, in Playa D’en Bossa. When the weather allows, two days a week Yoga in Ibiza organizes a morning session on a wooden platform on this beach. If yoga is already relaxing by itself, imagine practising it in an empty beach!!

There are special courses for pregnant women, mothers and babies, and a specific yoga style: Hatha Yoga Flow. The last one is a dynamic style that synchronizes movements to the rhythm of breathing.

Imagen from Yoga en Ibiza

Imagen from Yoga en Ibiza

Yoga Lifestyle Ibiza

The center offers all types of programs: individual, retreats, trainings, massages and even yoga programs for companies. It also has a Yoga Resort called Ibiza Moving Arts, an old Ibizan cottage located in San Miguel de Balansat.

The speciality of Yoga Lifestyle Ibiza is the Kundalini Yoga, also known as “yoga of consciousness”. It consists of a set of exercises which combine different techniques that help to become aware of our physical, emotional and mental condition.

Yoga in Ibiza

Images from Ibiza Moving Arts

yoga in ibiza

Images from Ibiza Moving Arts

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