Luxury on the high seas in Ibiza

By 19 January, 2016Curiosities

For wealthy travellers, Ibiza is the most popular destination choice. Each year they spend their holidays on its beaches during the summer period. It has been well know for many years.  That’s why luxury brands such as Bugatti and the company’s luxury Palmer Johnson have created one of the most exclusive yachts that will be available in three sizes ranging from  13.4 (43.96 feet) up to 26.8 meters (87.92 feet) in length, which will be called Niniette.

We don’t have much information about the technical details at the moment, because it is still an ongoing project. From the moment they ask to build the boat until it is ready to sell,  it could take a whole year to be able to see the final result.

It is possible to customize this yacht to suit the consumer, by adding sun loungers or changing the decoration material, fact that has enough reception among connoisseurs of the sector.

It has been  the most iconic line of boats created by Bugatti-like and its cover is created with teak as well as thin sheets of titanium. The hoof is constructed using carbon fiber. Actually, the Niniette is so far one of the most modern yachts that the prestigious Palmer Johnson House has created until now.

This can be a very good choice of purchase to sail the waters that bathe the coasts of Ibiza, enjoying the sun in a fabulous and luxury cover of first-hand.

From the blog 5 villas we want to present you one of the latest innovations in design and shipping technology, but we also remind you that to make unforgettable your stay in Ibiza, you can have access to other vessels of luxury rentals depending on the days of your stay on the island, so you can forget about the stress and the routine life. For further information,  click on the following link, and find out our yachts charter in Ibiza.



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