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By 10 November, 2016Curiosities

Ibiza’s geography is ideal to break our boundaries by practicing adventure sports. Whether by land, sea or air, the island offers a wide range of sport activities that can be practised individually or in a group. Today, we will recommend you to do some exciting activities for extreme fun.

Water hoverboard

Aquatic sports as we know them, are being completely renewed. Sports with all kinds of modern gadgets have been introduced to the sport’s market with success. This is the case of the flyboard and the water hoverboard.

The water hoverboard, as its name suggests, is a board that works with water propulsion that allows to suspend over the sea. It can reach up to 14 meters high! With this sport you can experience unique sensations and look at the beach from the top.

This sport is very popular in several beaches of Ibiza like Playa d’en Bossa, the port of San Antonio or Cala Jondal.


The Mediterranean Sea is a marine biodiversity hot spot. And especially in the crystal clear waters of Ibiza! With the diving courses you will be able to swim between the marine fauna and flora, and discover species that you have never seen before. What is the best about this water sport? That it can be practiced during the whole year.

One of the most popular spots is an area where the vessel called Don Pedro remains sunken near to Ibiza’s shores in July 2007. Since 2008 this area is open for recreational diving.

adventureRock climbing

The views of Ibiza are spectacular from any point on the island. What is better than enjoying them on the top of the mountain? Breathe fresh air at the same time as you join the rocks, testing your vertigo assisted by climbing instructors.

Course are offered at all levels by different schools, from beginners to advanced enthusiast. If you don’t have the basic knowledge, there is no problem. The instructors will teach you how to place the harness, some of the the climbing techniques… You just need a good helmet and protection to live the adventure!

Hot Air Balloon

Enjoy the island from a bird’s-eye view while floating above it in a hot air ballon with professional pilots. All flights are scheduled early in the morning throughout the year when the winds are calm and the air is cool and stable. You can see the island in 360 degree from a privileged position.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, take your sunglasses, and the most important thing: don’t forget the camera!

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