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The second edition of the food festival called “Fira des Gerret” is coming. The “gerret”, also known by the name of “caramel”, is a typical fish of the island. It is very abundant on their shores. Ibiza pretends to promote the consumption of this variety of fish celebrating this food fair so that people includes in their shoppings and restaurants includes in their dishes.

Fishermen of Ibiza and Sant Antoni’s associations celebrates this fair for second consecutive year, after the great success of the first edition of 2015. These gastronomic festival have kicked off the 26th of February and it will last until the 12th of March, two weeks of duration.

Different activities take place during these days in Santa Eulalia: tasting menus, activities for children, cookery demonstrations throughout the day, recipe contests, music, some traditional fishing documentaries and a market where to buy the “gerret” for only 7 euros per kilo. This year the fair has a total of 22 restaurants participating in it.

If you are a gastronomy lover, these days you can enjoy a variety of dishes prepared with this fish in the Mercat Nou in Ibiza. You will be able to try gerret fried, pickled, with tomato sauce, with rice, and many more culinary proposals. The gerret is a great match to loads of ingredients, and that’s what sailors  try to show to people from the island. But also you can eat the caramel in other markets of the island and even in supermarkets.

Finally, another interesting activity of this Food Festival is a special menu offered in some restaurants of the town during these days in Ibiza.  Specially, in the evenings between the 7th of March to the 12th of the same month. This tasting menu has a fixed price of 15 euros. Drinks are paid separately. Without a doubt, an unavoidable occasion for foodies and a perfect moment to try this fish.

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