Fameliars: a bit of mythology in Ibiza

By 3 December, 2015Curiosities

The “fameliar” is a mythological being of Ibiza, a kind of ugly little goblin with a big mouth, as he likes eating a lot, apart from working, which are the two tasks that this character does. It shows up under the Santa Eulalia bridge at San Juan night or New Year´s Eve.
Fameliars have a little problem, they are hard-workers but hungry beings too. A fameliar´s appetite is endless and it can only be entertained with very difficult or almost impossible tasks, like building huge stone walls or washing black wool until turning it into white.
Once their job is done, they empty the master´s pantry in the blink of an eye, that is why you have to place it right away inside a bottle once the job is done. If you can fetch it, you must place it immediately inside a black bottle and cover it up. In order to do so, you will need a blessed olive tree branch and a little prayer whispered to his ear. He will come inside by himself.
If you open the bottle, it will quickly come out and say to you: WORK OR FOOD, WORK OR FOOD!, and you will have to give to him one thing or the other.
Some cases have been known of people judged by the Spanish Inquisition because of having fameliars at home.
Most of the stories that are told about the Ibiza fameliars have been orally conveyed until nowadays. Although there has been some authors that have gathered their stories, one of the most important in doing so has been Joan Guasch Castelló.
“Fameliars” is also the name of an Ibiza music group that has collaborated with Ressonadors and that, far away from disturbing, like these characters of the Ibiza mythology, do very good music.

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