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café del mar

“Chill-out” means letting go, relax, and it coincides perfectly with the lifestyle and spirit of Ibiza. Chill-out is part of the DNA of the island. The best places to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, with chill-out as background music, are the cafes. The most famous is Café del Mar, in Sant Antoni de Portmany. It is located in a very strategic place: just in front of the sea. This location has made it one of the most preferred places to see the amazing sunset on the island, an image that is recorded in our memories.

Café del Mar, born to worship the Sun

Café del Mar opened its doors in June 1980 with Broto Ramón Guiral, Carlos Andrea and José Les. The catalan architect Lluís Güell was commissioned to design and decorate the coffee facilities. Since the beginning, the business of this famous coffee has been based on a simple idea: to see the sunset in Sant Antoni while enjoying a drink and good music. Definitely, it was born to admire the sunset.

Café del Mar

Café del Mar facilities. Image from Café del Mar Ibiza


In 1994, Café del Mar began to edit albums with its musical selection. Five years later, they launched their own music label called “Café del Mar Music”, which has been distributed and merchandised by themselves. These music collections include different sessions of chill out, lounge, chill house and balearic beats that their customers can listen every evening.

Café del Mar has not only been a success in the Balearic Islands, but also in other Spanish locations. In 2004 he opened premises in Lanzarote (Canary Islands), and in Altea (Valencia). Recently the company Café del Mar has announced that it will open new premises in Barcelona, in the Port Forum. It will be the largest local company and it will open the first quarter of 2017. The store will have 4 floors spread over 4,000 square meters, of which 1,500 belong to an outdoor zone that will include a swimming pool.

café del mar

Ibiza’s sunsets are full of magic. Image from Café del Mar Ibiza


In Café del Mar there is no need to close your eyes to get away from the world. It is enough with sitting on the terrace, admiring the stunning sunsets, while meantime listening chill out music at the shores of the bay of Caló des Moro in San Antonio. Definitely, one of the most treasured parts of Ibiza.

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