Chef Miguel Tur travels to Oman to bring Ibiza’s typical cuisine

miguel tur

Chef Miguel Tur has travelled as an Ibizan ambassador in the Sultanate of Oman called by an Arab Sheik to bring a bit of his beloved Island: its exquisite cuisine. His task will be creating a restaurant menu which includes the best flavors of Ibiza and teaching to international chefs working in the Oman Muscat Hills Golf resort in just one month.

It all started last year when a friend called Miguel Tur to make a dinner on a yacht. Both chefs cooked fish baked together, paella and appetizers to the Ibiza style. Time after this, they realised they were cooking for an important member of the Sultanate of Oman, when they were asked to go to assist his country in culinary matters.

Best Ibizan dishes will be at the resort: the typical bullit de peix, paella, fish baked and fried squid. Potatoes and beans are widely used in the Sultanate, which makes the bullit de peix one of the most popular recipes. Miguel is the first Spanish chef who will advise a luxury hotel’s company like this resort in Oman. This Chef surely will reach the privileged place in the world that Ibizan food deserves.  

Miguel already knew his passion and dedication to gastronomy since he was a child. Being only 16 years old he traveled to the Basque country to learn from the most famous chefs, such as Pedro Subijana and Juan María Arzak. He was also living in Barcelona at the Hisop Restaurant, owner of a Michelin Star. After this journey, at the age of 22 he returned to his homeland for managing the restaurant’s cuisine of Hotel Blau Park in Sant Antoni de Portmany. Later, he runned his own business, the Ample 32.

Although Miguel never stops working! As soon as he come back from his adventure in Arab lands, the opening of a new restaurant on the island – Mais Ibiza – is waiting for him. Miguel pretends to show through his culinary culture that the sunset in San Antonio is not only tourism cheap.

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