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cap de barbaria cueva

There are two caves open for tourists which can be visited in the island of Formentera and are very famous for its remarkable beauty. One is the Foradada cave, located in the Cap of Barbària, right in the South of the island, overlooking the sea; and the other one is an interesting private cave hidden under a tree which is in the Centre of Formentera.

Cova Foradada 

The Cap of Barbaria is situated in the South of Formentera and there you will find the most famous lighthouse of the island, one of the main attractions, and next to it, the cave. You will find a natural hole in the soil of the rock to access to the interior of the cave, downstairs. The particularity of this place is that it is overlooking the sea, and the cave leads to a balcony on a cliff from where the sunset view is just beautiful. Your Formentera holiday experience will not be complete without witnessing at least one soul-shaking sunset.

There are also several caves in the same rock, located on the walls of the cliffs, but more difficult to access. Currently these caves are not open for visitors.

Foradada cave in Formentera.

Cova Foradada in Formentera.

Cova d’en Xeroni

It’s a private cave with more than 3 million years according to scientific studies, which is very well hidden under a tree near Sant Ferran de Ses Roques. The cave was discovered by the neighbour next door – owner of the land – where he was doing excavations in search of water for the field. The cave is currently illuminated with electric light and there are some awesome stalactites and stalagmites inside. Visits are allowed.

formentera cave

Cova d’en Xeroni in Formentera.

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