Can Marçà Caves

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can marca caves

Can Marçà caves is one of the main attractions of the North of the island. Ibiza is not just party, Ibiza is nature, rest, crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes. Breathtaking sea views as you descend steeply to the entrance.

The White Island has always been a mystical place wrapped in legends. These caves date back 100,000 years and was a refuge for pirates and smugglers in the past, who used it to hide contraband and treasures. The red and black marks they used to guide them in the dead of night can still be seen on the walls.

Thess caves are very popular because of its stunning views over the Bay of the Port of Sant Miquel and the Murada Island. Visitors also get to see the magnificent views out to sea from openings hewn into the cliff side.

The cavity has a great interest especially from a geological point of view and has more than  8,500 square meters of surface. You can admire the various galleries, stalactites and stalagmites formed into figures, temples and rocket stations, as well as a cascade of diamond-bright water.

can marca coves

Can Marçà coves from inside.

This cave is open to the public all year and the visit costs around €10. Tours in various languages takes around 30 minutes. After resurfacing, pause for a drink on its terrace bar surrounded by a nice and panoramic views of sheer cliffs and deep blue water.




The cave is easily found in Puerto San Miguel, just turn right as you enter the resort in a car. It’s clearly marked on the road signs. Also, there are buses running from San Antonio (number 22) and Ibiza (number 25) to the cave.

Visiting hours:

From 1st may until 31th October: from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 8 pm.

From 1st November to 30th April: 11am to 5:30 pm.


Adults: €10,50.

Children from 4 to 12 years old: €6,50.


By car or bus.

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