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By 10 May, 2016Fashion
reihnard maiers ibiza

Today I would love to talk about a place where to find authentic handmade jewels. This is Gecko Ibiza, a study of artisan jewelry in Ibiza where you will see the most exclusive and luxurious pieces. Reinhard Maier is the artist and owner of this shop located in Cala Salada, near to San Antonio. Reinhard is a goldsmith from German who came to visit the island with his family, and so madly fell in love with Ibiza, that he decided to live here. All the magic of Ibiza is reflected in his unique creations of jewelry.

The silhouette of Ibiza.

The silhouette of Ibiza.

The jewels of this master craftsman include the mythical salamander – typical symbol of Ibiza-, propellers of boats, rudders, the silhouette of the island, shells, exclusive designs according to each personal style of customer without losing the essence of his inner creations. He also makes very peculiar belts. Metals nobles such as gold or silver, with diamonds or gemstones – one of his favorites- are the materials used by him. Geiko Ibiza offers a wide range of jewels, like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or even key rings.

Gecko Ibiza joyería

A salamander, an animal very typical in Ibiza.

If you wish, Reinhard offers private appointments in his study, where you can design with him and order unique pieces suitable to each one. If you decide to acquire a handmade jewel of this craftsman, we assure you that you’ll always bring a bit of Ibiza with you there where to go. Because the love and passion that this German feels for the island is undoubtedly reflected in every exclusive jewel that he creates. If you want to discover his collection,  his creations are available on the website.

salamander ibiza jewel

Pendant of a salamander.

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