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art gallery Ibiza

Because of its hippy past, Ibiza has been and it is the home of a great number of artists, which has made of it an authentic art reference centre. Since I am sure that there will be a lot of art lovers reading this, today I suggest you visit to the five great art centers which are in the Ibiza island.

1. Museum of Contemporaneous Art of Ibiza. (Ibiza)

The Museum of Contemporaneous Art of Ibiza is the necessary stop of any art lover that visits Ibiza. It offers a permanent collection with Antoni Marí Ribas “Portmany” drawings. One of the most prolific painters born in Ibiza and two spectacular collections, one with posters of the Carl Van Der Voort gallery and another one with Japanese engraving.

2. Sargantana gallery (Sant Josep).

This small art gallery in Ibiza, located in San Josep village, is the eldest of those that running nowadays in the island. Its permanent painting collection includes part of the work of some of the most important Ibiza painters, such as Angel Zabala, Rivera Bagur or Ferrer Guasch.

3. La Maison de l’elephant (Ibiza).

At the Sant Josep road is found the “Maison de l´elephant”, an art gallery and a decoration shop famous for being trendy worldwide. Its five floors, entirely focused on art and design, will allow you to be delighted with an exquisite selection of art works, decoration pieces and unique furniture.

4. P|Art Ibiza (Santa Eulalia).

A unique creative space, located in the road between Ibiza and Santa Eulalia, where artists, apart from exposing their work, can gather to experiment, create and sell their creations.

5. The Congress Palace of Ibiza (Santa Eulalia).

In this list we can´t leave aside the Congress Palace, which although not a gallery its great exhibitions room has fostered impressive art collections in several occasions.

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